Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Back with a vengeance

I am quite conflicted about Guitar Hero Live. While I did go all in on the Rock Band side of things I did always buy the Guitar Hero games. They felt less serious to me, just for fooling around and not for building a collection of DLC for. I did not mourn its passing in the same way I did Rock Band 3 so its return does not fill me with the same loyal nostalgia.

It is back but it is not the same. Rock Band 4 is exactly more of them same, only less, but with more DLC (eventually). I bought into it as a platform on the promise of most of my already purchased DLC being moved over, the point being that the songs that I owned I still owned. Guitar Hero Live has nothing of the sort - no legacy DLC support (which is not a surprise) but also no DLC at all in the traditional sense, at least nothing that be purchased and kept.

There are only forty two songs on the disc but there are two hundred or so more available via their streaming service, for free (almost) but with a big catch: you cannot choose what song you want to play when without spending in game currency, called 'plays.' This is Pandora, but Guitar Hero, and I do no think that I am a fan.

It's a shame because I really do want to get my  hands on the new controller and see how it feels. Instead I may end of canceling my pre-order and spending the money on more songs for Rock Band. I mean, I only have about 400 songs, not including the Rock Band 4 on disc songs or the Rock Bands 1, 2, 3 and Lego songs that should eventually available.

That is a difficult investment to walk away from.


Transfomers Devastation was quite good but also quite short. Platinum set up a fighting and weapon upgrade system that could have carried a game well past the twenty hour mark and I only had four hours to explore it, and even then saw several areas recycled. It did press a number of very pleasurable nostalgia buttons, which I do appreciate (triple changers!) but there was not enough game there to warrant the price of admission. It was a quaint diversion, at best, and not as good as some of the older High Moon Transformer games.

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