Friday, October 23, 2015


Finished the final chapter of Tales from the Borderlands last night.

Oh my. I can, without reservation, say that this was the best TellTale game since the first season of The Walking Dead. Perhaps even better, because for the first time in any of their games choices made during the previous chapters had a concrete effect on at least part of the game's outcome.

To elaborate, and without major spoilers, the player is tasked with creating two teams of four for the final showdown with REDACTED. Characters' availability is based on previous player choices. One of my potential choices was dead, so he was out. Another was not interested in working with me, and just so I was not left wondering what was going on, the game explains why or why not an NPC is available.

Choice? Check. An explanation of why these choices were important? Even better. Now I highly doubt that the game would have let me play myself into a corner and not have enough people available to fill out my team. That would be early King's Quest levels of bull shit. The fact that what I did months ago actually made a difference is good enough and more than I can say for their Game of Thrones series. I am honestly dreading that game final act. But I have already paid for it, so it is going to be played.

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