Wednesday, October 28, 2015

I certainly must have made someone mad

Monday night was harrowing, hardware wise.

I have been in the Xbox preview program for several months but had put off jumping to the new dashboard due to reports of it being a buggy mess and not working with Rock Band controllers. On Monday, in the middle of a race, the system kicks me out of Forza 6 and insists on installing the update. Okay, fine, I have never had a problem before and it was a boring race anyway, I allowed it to proceed.

Instead of staring at a green progress bar I switched over to me PS4 and ran the install for Tales of Zestiria. My PS4 has had the same disc ejecting problem as many other launch systems. I have been fixing it myself as it is not that hard to tighten a screw. Installing Tales worked but the drive got louder and louder as it ran which is saying something because the PS4 is not a quiet system to start with. I got nervous and pulled out the disc, shut down the system, then switched back to my XBox.

My Xbox was stuck on the update screen. It had been stuck the whole time I was screwing around with my PS4 and remained stuck for the fifteen more minutes I stared at it, wondering who or what I had pissed off. One hard reboot later and it was stuck at the boot screen. I disconnected my external hard drive, unplugged everything, paid obeisance to the dark gods of electronics, plugged it back in, nothing.

I deal with software and its accompanying hardware for a living. Stuff breaks, sometimes for no reason, so I was not mad about this. It happens, all I could do was fix it. What I needed was a thumb drive to load up the offline update tool that Microsoft is kind enough to offer, only I didn't have one and it was too late at night to buy one. It would have to wait.

Yes, I left work early the next day to fix my Xbox,

Attempt one at booting to the thumb drive did not work because I copied the files to the root of the drive instead of just leaving them in their folder. Attempt two booted to the drive but the OS version was not recognized because I was in the preview program. All that was left was the factory reset, which worked, only when it came back online it was on the new version of the OS and it found all of my downloaded games on my external hard drive.

Except for all the Rock Band DLC which I had to download again.

Still, I defaulted the system and essentially lost nothing. But I have yet to turn my PS4 back on.

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  1. A pain I know all to well, and wouldn't wish on anyone.