Monday, October 12, 2015

Occupational hazards

Yes, I am still playing Mad Max. I would like you to read that as if I was confessing to still killing puppies or still snorting crack off of expensive escorts' taught abdomens. It is not something I am proud of. Indeed, there are better things that I could, nay, should be playing. If it were not for a rather embarrassing injury that I will chronicle shortly I would at least be playing Rock Band. No, night after night I return to the wasteland and in my hunchback carrying car wander from settlement to settlement murdering people for their metal odds and ends, all in the name of some end game that I have long since forgotten.

It is not necessarily something I am ashamed of but it leaves me with very little to talk about. Enjoying mediocre offerings more than much better games is nothing new. Indeed, it is was one of the original points of this place. But Mad Max isn't bad enough to make fun of. It's pretty good. But it is not good enough to gush over, mostly because I know that Just Cause 3 is coming and it will do everything Mad Max does, only better. And it too will eat up an inordinate amount of my time.

So instead of games I will talk about how I broke half my ass playing Rock Band.

I was never a fan of the Rock Band guitars. They never felt as good as the Guitar Hero guitars so I bought, and still have, a back stock of Guitar Hero 2 instruments in the dark corners of my basement. A combination of Microsoft laziness and Madcatz wanting to sell new accessories has rendered them useless so I am forced to use the new Rock Band 4 guitar.

Surprise, it's actually very good. The strum bar still feels a bit mushy and I will never use the small buttons close to the neck for solos but after a few songs of adaptation I was quite pleased, so much so that I didn't even sync the drums up until Saturday afternoon. Since the game was on I had to play a few songs, which turned into about an hour of songs, and later that evening I played some more.

Apparently I overdid it because my right gluteous maximum hurts like you wouldn't believe. Not only did expert drums in Rock Band 4 kick my ass, it broke half of it. And I haven't even purchased the cymbals yet.

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