Monday, October 26, 2015

Or maybe I just need to go to bed earlier

'Racing fatigue.'

This term (that I just made up) does not mean that I am tired of racing games, it means that racing games make me tired. I do not believe it is due to repetition, running around the same track again and again and then doing it again a few races later because the game is a little short on variety. No, I believe that it makes they tire me out mentally, that the need for constant concentration is more than my little brain can bare.

Races in Forza 6 average between six and ten minutes. That is between six and ten minutes of eye balls on the screen, rarely blinking, hand on the controller, white knuckle concentration. Even with the ability to rewind mistakes I find myself completely invested in the turn by turn action that the end of each race cannot come soon enough.

No other genre does this, not even fighting games. Action games constantly ebb and flow between frantic murder and then the collection of spoils. Role playing games can go for minutes with nothing happening. Fighting games have natural breaks between round and games that give the brain time to vent the built up heat and remind the eyes to blink.

After two hours of Forza 6 I am ready for a nap.


The list on the right has made its yearly jump from 'what do I play next' to 'oh God, when will I play these.' There are eight more games that will be added by December 31st. Odds are all I will have played by then are the new Tales game and the new Assassin's Creed game. Just like the end of every year.

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