Thursday, October 22, 2015


Forza Motorsport 6 is more of the same with new cars and a greater selection of tracks. This is not bad but I do not know how long I will play it. My usual time based love affairs with racing games have been getting shorter and shorter, to the point that I am not sure if I really enjoy them any more. Forza Horizon 2 being just about the perfect open world racing game may have also spoiled me a little bit.

I didn't even start it up last night, instead opting to put more time into the Street Fighter V beta. In the two hours that I played I had precisely zero online matches so it was nothing more than practice room and fighting the computer and steadily higher difficulties. CPU Ken is an absolute motherfucker. Crouching medium kick xx fierce uppercut my ass.

All of that time was spent learning Necalli and while he is not the shenanigan heavy character I was looking for to replace Blanka he is still fun to play. Necalli operates on the threat of things happening, not necessarily the mix ups created by him actually doing anything. Crouching medium kick xx light stomp is a good medium range poke for okay damage. Once someone start blocking that change over to his command overhead. Once that start blocking that its time for a command throw. So and and so forth until they get frustrated and Necalli lands a brain dead easy jump in combo for 40% health and 90% stun.

Those numbers are not a joke and I expect his damage output to be nerfed. Jumping HP, standing HP, medium stomp xx crouching MP xx EX berserker charge (not the real names of the moves) is a combo that I can do that does silly damage. Getting the jumping is the hard part but that comes by conditioning with other moves.

I discovered none of what you read above, I am only reaping the benefits. Necalli will most likely be my main, depending on who else is announced, but I reserve the right to have a shitty pocket Ryu. Just like everyone else who plays Street Fighter.

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