Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The real star of the story

This is your, or Max's, conscience in Mad Max:

Over and over Max asserts that he does for others only when it will benefit him and unlike the most recent movie it is true. Max in the game is no better then the raiders or gang members he kills. He murders others for supplies on a regular basis and thinks nothing of it. In the movie he tries to pass himself off as such but it doesn't work, or he is redeemed in much the same way as Nux, depending on how much credit you give him.

There are no good guys or bad guys in the game according to Max, just people who survive and people who don't. A convenient excuse for him to justify killing a man for his pots and pans. The Ephialtes looking gentleman above is Chumbucket, a blackfinger (mechanic) who finds Max, dubs him a saint, and dedicates his life to designing the perfect car for him. He also does he best to keep Max on task. When Max spends too long pillaging camps he gently prods him to get back to 'the angel's mission.' He never actively dissuades Max from killing but when Max decides to ignore a stronghold being destroyed by raiders and get what he needs from the leftovers Chum convinces him to help.

Max, who would not do good on his own, is convinced to risk his own life by Chum, making Chum the moral center of the game.

This is a good start, story wise. Far be it from me to hope for more plot in my open world game but I really hope that Chum sticks closely to his spartan lookalike and betrays Max at the worst possible moment. You are no saint, he should say, just look at the chaos and death you have left behind you. And Max would have no answer because it would all be true.


Random wasteland resident, speaking to Max: Look at the smoke on the horizon, the flames coming Scrotus' camp. Surely, this was not your work.

Chum, from the back of the Magnum Opus: It certainly was. And don't call him Shirley.

...Chumbucket needs his own game.

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