Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Almost sorry

I just may have, okay, I did jump the gun when I started complaining about Zesteria not telling be where to go next. It did, I just missed it because the instruction came in the final five minutes of playing before going to bed when all I wanted to do was find a save point before losing consciousness. I was supposed to return to a mural that would tell me what areas to look in. Instead I wandered the map, followed a few side quests, and got to where I needed to go anyway.

That is as close to an apology from me as a game is going to get.

Many of my issues with the game have fallen away. The combat is more complex than it needs to be but the game allows the player to drop the difficulty at any time. I admit to doing this every time I come across a single character dungeon that puts me in control of a character whose moves I have never looked at. I'll do it but I am not going to put any effort into it. Last night I forgot to bump it back up to normal until half way through the next dungeon. I thought that I finally figured things out. Nope, the enemies were attacking less and not doing any damage.

The characters are all stock RPG tropes: the Christ character, his best friend, the ditsy but smart female, the sassy female, the gruff but still a nice guy older male. They could be cut out of this game and dropped into any other and no one would notice. Still, the writing is pretty good. The interaction between characters is both funny and believable. I find myself actually listening to the cut scenes instead of mashing X to get through them as fast as possible.

But there is no Teepo. Minus one million points for that.

Come at me, bro.
Being almost two years into the current generation does prevent me from forgiving at least one thing: how plain the game looks. I understand that this is just a PS3 game at the the Tales games have always had a simpler art style. But Zestiria just looks empty most of the time. Dungeons are plain hallways leading to larger plain rooms with a monster or two in them. The over world is a gigantic waste of space. If fast traveling wasn't so damn expensive I would use it all the time just to avoid walking around any more than I have to. The game is a step backwards from the two Xillia games and I do not understand why.

Twenty seven hours in. An undetermined number of hours to go.

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