Tuesday, November 3, 2015

An odd, polite, interaction

Kind of an off topic post today.

I got a message from a total stranger over Xbox Live a few days ago asking me about my name. 'Chamberlain?' he said, 'like the basketball player?'

Normally I would ignore a random message over Xbox Live but seeing as how this one had no profanity and said nothing mean about my mother I felt it should be treasured for the rarity it was. I gave a polite, if cryptic, response

'No. Have you seen The Dark Crystal?'

and expected that to be it. A day later he responded.

'Is that a book or a movie?'

Again, no talk of placing his balls on my face and no disparaging remarks towards my nationality, race, cultural heritage or sexual orientation. How could I not respond.


...this may be why I don't have very many friends. A final response from Its Rugs (actual name).

'k ill watch it'

I do not understand what just happened. If nothing else the person will watch a movie that I treasure from my childhood. Polite conversations with strangers over Xbox Live do not occur on a regular basis, if ever. And yet, there it is.

So why Chamberlain?

Momentum. Tradition. It is better than any of my old names. I have used it for so long now that I would answer to it if I heard the name at a party.

...he makes a funny noise.


  1. The skexxies gave me fucking nightmares... but I think that's kind of their purpose. Traumatizing children.

  2. Interacting with me can be a little traumatizing.