Thursday, November 12, 2015

Butt why?

I have been waffling on if I want to talk about the Street Fighter V 'censorship' nonsense or not. On one had, I really try to stay out of issues regarding the presentation of women in video games because I do not believe that my opinion, that is, the opinion of a white, middle aged, middle class male (otherwise known as the problem) holds any weight whatsoever, regardless of who I agree with. There is nothing I am fighting for or against so I keep quiet.

On the other hand, YouTube commenters, FGC stream monsters and many other examples of terrible people on the internet are misusing a word and in turn misinterpreting what Capcom has done. That, my pedantic friends, will not stand.

Street Fighter V has not been censored. No one told Capcom to do what they did. The change was made in a brightly lit board room in the name of sales. It is neither a victory for one group nor a defeat for another, it is just Capcom tweaking their flagship property to keep it on the straight and narrow, that is, keep it paying the bills.

In case you were not aware of what was done, R Mika's super and Cammy's intro were both tweaked slightly. In both examples the camera was moved up to cover a butt slap and a rather uncomfortable looking leotard riding up where the sun don't shine.

That's it. That is what people are complaining about.

In my opinion both examples were just a bit over the line. Nothing terrible, I was not offended, others were, most people got over it. Capcom licked its finger, put it up into the winds of opinion, and decided that just a bit too far would not do and moved the camera up about a foot.

Not censorship. No outside organization told them to do this. It was their panty shot party and they shut it down. Even if this was done to avoid an M rating (which is their business) it still would not be censorship because the option was still there to just leave it as is and release it as an M game. Capcom would never do that as it would put them in the same space as MKX, a comparison that they desperately what to avoid.

But again, their choice. Capcom is doing what it can to make the most money. Sure, call them greedy, but there is no other cause, noble or ignoble, behind it.

Now can we get back to complaining that the Street Fighter V roster is missing one very important character?

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