Friday, November 20, 2015

That old familiar feeling

I don't feel like complaining any more about Game of Thrones. It is done, there was no resolution, much less any kind of happy ending. In fact just about everyone was dead by the end and I don't think it was my fault. They were destined to be run  through, stabbed in the back or beheaded. I am a fan of bittersweet or even depressing finales but there still needs to be closure, not just a tease for the next season.

For all I know this is exactly how the show and books work.


It's that time of year again! The holidays? I have no idea what you are talking about. It's the time of year that I play a new Assassin's Creed game! In spite of several lackluster, bug ridden entries I am still a fan of the series, always hoping it recaptures the magic of Black Flag. Truth be told, my experience with Unity was better than most because I played it months after it release when most of the issues had been fixed. I was able to ignore the parts I didn't like (the multiplayer missions) and instead wander around stabbing people in the back and collecting treasure chests.

Good times were had and I never fell through the world.

Syndicate is being played almost at launch, so it should be interesting to see what bugs I run into already, if any...

(this is where a funny clip is supposed to go but the embedding from TrueAchievements is not working)


Syndicate offers two playable characters, a first for the series, but it does it in a fairly lazy way. Yes, the two characters have different 'end of tree' skills but up to that point they are the same. One is supposed to be more direct and the other more stealthy but it is just flavor text. Their adventures are also the same as they are always working together with whoever the player is not controlling at the time showing up at important story beats.

A step in the correct direction but little more than a costume change.

The game does feel a bit more streamlined than previous entries. This may mean that there is less to do or it may be that the game is smart enough to hide activities that cannot currently be done instead of teasing the player with hour upon hours of side missions that they don't have the correct equipment to complete. There have been a few collectibles that I have stumbled across that appear to be unreachable but I haven't fought the first boss yet so I assume he has something that I need.

It's still fun and will still devour several weeks of my time. The series just works for me and I feel no need to apologize for it. The only way Syndicate could ruin itself for me would be for Desmond to come back from the dead to whine about something.

...if that happens I will be pissed.

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