Friday, November 13, 2015

Just below

A few days ago Zestiria tried to be all edgy by killing off one of the party members. He was dead for all of five minutes before being replaced by an almost identical character. There was a big story moment and its result was nothing more than a costume change. If I still gave out effort points it would garner a few but I am far to old and jaded to be interested in anything more than the final result.

Following this character swap I was tasked with rounding up six or so maguffins scattered around the world. Once more I was given no direction on where to find them only this time instead of getting frustrated and complaining I looked at the map. Low and behold, big purple stars marking the general area of each item. Zestiria may not be beating the player overt the head with the next objective but figuring out what to is usually only a menu or two away.

Or you could talk to Rose, the other human in the party, as she serves as the side mission tracker. Wish I knew about that thirty hours ago.

I just might finish up the main game this weekend and start on the free side story, depending on how tired I am of the combat. Having forgotten to change the difficulty level back to normal and ran through half a dungeon on easy again, being tired of the combat soon is a distinct possibility.

...I miss only needing five hours of sleep a night. At least then I could get more done.

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