Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Muscle for Marx

I have picked on Black Friday before. The following 'trailer' does it for me this year:

(video removed because I could not keep it from auto-playing)

Heh. Why do I not own Fury Road yet? Maybe it will be on sale later this week. On Amazon, where civilized people go for deals.


Aside from the magic broom I posted yesterday and another cut scene that loaded no character models (damn, those assassins are good, I can't seem them at all!) Syndicate has been a stable, enjoyable game so far. More side missions unlocked last night: pit fights for money, which is fun if a bit easy due to the further simplified combat, and carriage races, which are not easy are not fun. I will play just enough of the carriage races to farm an easy achievement and then never touch them again.

I am concerned that I am going to run out of skills and things to buy before I run out of side missions. I have been ignoring most of the gang upgrades in favor of better equipment for my two assassins. They are running around with the finest weapons and clothing money can but while the rest of the Rooks wander the streets in whatever rags they can find. This makes me no better than the previous district king pin which I should not find as amusing as I do.

Didn't we find out that the assassins were actually the bad guys a few games ago, right around the time that Desmond sacrificed himself to prevent the end of the world? The back story to the series is an impossibly tangled mess and I have given up on trying to make any sense of it. Instead I will focus on being hired muscle for Karl Marx and testing nausea inducing grenades whipped up by Bell.


The ease of YouTube uploads and the editing ability on the Xbox One is tempting me to jump into the realm of *shudder* videos. If nothing else it would mean less typos.

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