Friday, November 6, 2015

Perhaps it is time to remove the gloves

The lack of Zestiria talk over the last few days does not mean that I have stopped playing it, only that there has not been much to talk about. JRPGs follow a pattern. Sorey accepted the call to be the hero, met and got his ass kicked by the main bad guy and is now in the process of building up both his power and that of his team of invisible angels (literally). The stereotype go deeper as I need to go to four elemental temples to boost each of my four elementally aligned party members.

It is never that simple; I am prepared for a double switch of bad guys and barely coherent political intrigue. What I am not prepared for is to be cast out into the world with the instructions 'go and find the other three temples' without a single clue on where to go. At least give me a direction.

Part of the point of Sorey's journey is to 'find himself' and by doing so he will figure out what it means to be the shepherd. This also means that the player gets to wander around the wilderness with no direction for hours at a time trying to find the next temple.

Why yes, I am a little annoyed. Can you tell? I was annoyed enough last night to visit GameFaqs and then even more annoyed when the only FAQ there is terrible. There is of course the strategy guide option. Prima has an online version for $10, which is not bad, but the only other game I have ever used a strategy guide for was Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne and Zestiria does not deserve to be in such lofty company.

So I will wander with only the game exceptional localization and very good voice acting to keep me company. The game has personality, lots and lots of personality, and that goes a long way.

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