Monday, December 14, 2015

5th time is not the charm

Dragon Quest Heroes ended just the way it should have: with a gigantic monster that looked much more difficult to beat that he actually was. All of the stupid hard quests are saved for post game or completely optional. I am not going to run out and play all of the 'Warriors' games that I have missed but the genre is officially off of the 'ewwww' list.

Side note: did know that there was a Dynasty Warriors Tactics? I owned the game many, many moons ago. That is combination with Disgaea proved that I was and am just not smart enough to handle that many variables.


Halo 5 is actually the seventh main series Halo game if ODST and Reach are included (and Halo Wars and the twin stick shooters are not). This is bordering on Call of Duty redundancy and it is suffering from the same problems. Halo games have a distinct feel to them that 343 has maintained after the hand off from Bungie. It's impressive but I am not convinced that it is a good thing. Speaking strictly of the single player, having a series not change all that much beyond how pretty it is for as long as Halo has been around, fourteen years, is a recipe for boredom.

There are new weapons and new vehicles and a few new abilities like dual wielding and a dash but the way the combat feels and plays out, moving from narrow corridors to large open areas and back again, is still exactly the same. I do not know if it is possible to shake this up and still call the game 'Halo' but 343 needs to do something. Layering on a nonsensical plot is not the thing to do.

It's just interesting any more. It's an FPS so I will play it but I am certainly not going to remember anything about it.

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