Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Again? Again again?

Dragon Quest Heroes was this close to being put out to pasture last night. Multi-stage boss battles with no checkpoints will do that. My hand was on the way to the eject button when I stopped myself. Instead I cleaned up a few quests, continued to ignore the 'kill 200 of this monster' task, and tried again, this time treating it as an actual boss encounter instead of the button mashing kill-a-thon that all of the previous levels had been.

I also created an item that boosted the main character's attack when in a small party, and since this boss was a forced one on one battle, well...

At the end of the evening I hit the opposite kind of wall: defend something against an incredible onslaught of enemies. These defense missions make up the majority of the game and have been getting longer and longer as it progresses. It is not the first time I have failed one but it length and repetitiveness is starting to wear on me. Experience and items are kept even after a defeat, but this just gives away what the game is really trying to force me to do:

It wants me to grind and I refuse to do it.

The game is designed around revisiting old areas and killing things and that's boring, especially when most of the combat is done with two buttons. When the spectacle of how many enemies it crams on the screen at a time wears off there is not much left.

Odds on finishing the game are getting lower. I am not ready to give up yet but the game is going to be interrupted soon, either by Rock Band 4 (again) or Halo 5 and I may not ever make it back.

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