Monday, December 21, 2015

Budget does not mean bad

It has come to my attention via several 'best of' lists that not having played Undertale this year is a problem. I do not know when this will be remedied, but remedied it will be.


WRC 5 feels like a budget title. There is no music during the races, limited selection of vehicles, no grand production value to the menus or between race segments. This is not necessarily a bad thing as the game picked one thing to focus on: above all else, the car has to feel right. And it succeeds. This is not a racing game that I will play as long as a Forza title but it conveys the uncomfortable loss of traction when moving from tarmac to gravel better than any of it bigger brothers.

It also takes the now standard rewind function, which makes racing games much easier (not that I am complaining) and adds a little but of risk/reward to it. Each rally is divided into sections. If you screw up, say miss a corner and go flying off into a tree, you can reset from the start of that section. The catch is that you restart the section from a stand still. When winners and losers are decided by seconds that loss of momentum can be costly. I found myself using that rewind function to learn a course and then starting over one last time to run it for real.

Somehow the game is making me practice. Such a dirty word.


Speaking of practice, I played a solid three hours of Street Fighter V last night. My aged hands are still paying for it. It was all Necali, all the time, and I have a growing suspicion that he might not be very good. Much like Killer Instinct, ever character has their own little trait or set of 'V moves' that offer unique mechanics beyond the standard stable of special moves. Ryu has his parry from Third Strike. Chun Li has a strange upward dash. Laura has a ridiculous set of command dashes. Zangief has armored moves. Birdie throws garbage around.

Necali has a ground pound that can his at three different distances. Think Viper's seismos but with significantly more recovery and less damage. Not terribly useful. Likewise his V Mode, trigger when the V gauge is full, give him super-saiyan hair, more hits to his moves, and not much else. He does get grown ass man damage off of jump ins but everyone gets grown ass man damage off of jump ins now.

Part of my problem is that I have been conditioned to use normals as anti-air. Blank's crouching medium punch is exceptional for this. Necali's crouching heavy punch is pretty good but the start up is so slow that you need to really anticipate the jump in to get the anti-sit. The solution is FUCK IT - DP which Necali has but I need to remember that this is okay.

This is all meaningless as Combofied has stated that the release in February will be much different than this final beta. Everything I learned over the last few days will either be changed or forgotten.

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