Monday, December 28, 2015

Deeper than expected

It is possible that I was a little more dismissive of WRC 5's quality than I should have been. It still is missing quite of a few 'big game' pieces but what is there is very focused and enjoyable. If I was more into rally racing, and I am sure there are some people who are, I can see cranking up the difficulty and playing through season after season as a possibility. There is strategy here beyond just getting from point A to point B as fast as possible. Repairs can only be made between days and there can be multiple stages per day so you car can be wrecked at the end of a race. Only 45 minutes are allotted for repairs so they need to be prioritized. Do you leave the body damage and fix the steering, etc. It's an interesting layer on top of an otherwise plain game.

But I am done with it now, having playing through three seasons and having seen all of the tracks it has to show. There were tracks that resembled bobsled runs that I never want to expose myself to again. Miss a corner and you bounce off the snow packed border, ricocheting back and forth until both your time and your steering are shot.

Margin for error = 0.


Episode 2 of the podcast in the can and I think we have stumbled onto a formula for regular episodes. Recapping the weeks events allows me to be the color guy to Chance's excellent news picks and I learn something new each time. For example, I had been mispronouncing Xillia and Neir for years. This is what happens when ones output on games is strictly text. If it sounds good in my head, fuck it, it goes on the page.

If anyone out there is listening to the podcast please drop one of us a comment. Any and all feedback, regardless of cruelty or malice, are welcome. Cash money was spent on equipment for this venture so we might as well make it something that is enjoyable for people other than us.

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