Monday, December 7, 2015

I've been tricked!

The cat was released from the bag with Saturday's post. There are plans. Big plans.

Really, it's just an excuse for me to talk to someone about video games. Don't tell.


I did not know that Dragon Quest Heroes was in the Dynasty/Samurai warrior vein when I added it to the list. I just saw 'Dragon Quest' and the JRPG part of my brain took over. Full disclosure, I have not actually played any of the main series Dragon Warrior games. The shame is overwhelming but will never be remedied. Playing Heroes does not count.

Heroes is exactly what I assume the Dynasty Warriors games are: the player, in this case the player's team, against huge armies of easily disposed of bad guys and the occasional boss monster. Add in a little MOBA style lane guarding with NPCs and an oversized, unwieldy cast and it should be a game that I quickly tire of.

But I haven't. The cast is quite large and filled with characters from other Dragon Warrior games which means nothing to me. Combat is simple but controlling the flow of enemies on the map is not, requiring much more strategy than I expected. It isn't exactly hard but I am not skating through with little effort, either.

Could this possible be a genre that makes it off of the 'Chamberlain doesn't touch these, ever' list? Let's review:

sports games
wrestling games
turn based strategy games
anything by From Software
true rogue-likes
did I mention From Software? Because fuck them.

Does the Dynasty Warriors sub-genre even have a name? It's not on my list...

Time will tell if I enjoy the game enough to keep playing it with Divinity: Original Sin and Halo 5 waiting in the wings. I can see the simplicity of the combat itself becoming too much of a drain to overcome. My attention span is limited, especially in December, and I need to keep in mind that there are big games yet to be played (Fallout 4) and Street Fighter V comes out in February,


I only caught the top 8 of Capcom Cup and it still contained some of the best Street Fighter I have ever been witness to. The matches were not of the screaming and yelling at the screen variety but they did contain the best in the world at the top of their game.

If I were more dramatic I would call Kazunoko's victory over Daigo a passing of the torch. In truth, that torch was passed quite some time ago, and it went to Xian first. Daigo is still on of the best there has ever been, he was just not the best yesterday,

$120,000 for first place. Makes you want to practice a bit more, doesn't it?

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