Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Rise of the Tomb Raider is so good.

It's not perfect - in the first fifteen minutes it has fallen back on the tropes of Lars constantly getting the shit kicked out of her and of the last second climbing hook save. Seriously, the hook save happens three times. But once all of the intro nonsense is done and you are finally dropped into a large hub area to explore - nirvana.

It is familiar territory, game play wise. Lara is still in a survival situation where she must scrounge for necessities. She even remarks that she wishes it all didn't feel so familiar. I disagree with her: while the situation is familiar her reason for being in it is different. Tomb Raider, if I am remembering it correctly, saw Lara trapped in a situation that was not her fault. She then went from shrinking violet to killing machine in short order, one of my only complaints. This time she puts herself in the dangerous situation on purpose. There is nothing accidental here. This maturing is welcome in such a well worn character.

The world feels much more dense this time around. In the first two and half hours I have come across three optional tombs. Literal tombs to raid full of puzzles, treasure and, even better, new skills and weapon parts. The first was an ancient ship that had broken in two, half of of which was embedded in a frozen waterfall. At the end of some perilous climbing I found a book that taught Lara how to fire arrows more quickly.

I don't care if none of that makes sense. It was cool.

Rise of the Tomb Raider is so good that I can't stop thinking about it,


  1. pc only has to wait a couple more weeks...

    Think about it chance! think of all the klei early accesses you could be a deciding part of.

  2. Oh Invisible Inc runs just fine - I just hate being tethered to my monitor for gaming. Only Darkest Dungeon can overcome it.