Monday, January 11, 2016

A little story

My goodness, there is much to catch up on and my office is cold to the point that it is difficult to type. My paltry 2015 offerings are reason enough to soldier on, as is the fact that I fully intended to write more this year (as I always intend). I am going to start with the story that I hinted at regarding my newest project. It includes characters that heretofore have not been mentioned in this space. Brace yourself, I am actually a person.

A long, long time ago...

The college I attended was, at the time, quite small. All of the buildings, dormitories included, were connected, save for one dorm. You can guess where I lived. That isolation created a tight knit little group, the core of which was a bunch of writers, artists, and me.

Not sure how I ended up in the middle of that.

We all had nicknames based on characters from Alice in Wonderland or Alice Through the Looking Glass. My roommate was the march hare and the mad hatter lived down the hall. The walrus and the carpenter were rarely separated. There was even a door mouse. I was the cheshire cat, based mostly on my aloof nature and goofy grin. There were several professors who could have been the jabberwock.

There was no Alice. There was never an Alice. This is important.

Of that group I was the first to get engaged and the first to be married. Once, while visiting, my fiance spied one of the mad hatter's paintings: a very large oil on canvas looking up at a figure, standing on the edge of a roof with his arms reaching out towards the sky. She offered to purchase it on the spot but the hatter did not sell his work. The subject was dropped and forgotten.

Months later the cheshire cat was married. The march hare was in his wedding party, and the door mouse, walrus, carpenter and mad hatter will all in attendance. At the reception the hatter disappeared. This in itself was not unusual. He was, as were most, a little bit drunk. When he returned he had the painting and with no fanfare he sneaked it, as best he could for it was very large, behind the other presents. No words were exchanged, there was just a nod and smile to the cat.

This was quite some time ago and I do not remember if I discovered the inscription on the back of the canvas or if my wife first saw it. Here is how it ended:

'...and the mad hatter, march hare, walrus, carpenter, and door mouse offer the cheshire cat much congratulations, for he has finally found his Alice.'


The tattoo is my wife and I. Now please forget this romantic tale are go back to thinking of Chamberlain as a heartless complainer. :)