Tuesday, January 19, 2016

But I wanted to blow up a different city

I am compiling boring sales numbers for this weekend's podcast and the results are, for an Xbox person, a little depressing. I need to remind myself that I have both systems and that I choose to play multiplatform games on the Xbox One for ethereal reasons like gamerscore and a friends list that I do not use. Technological momentum, going back to the Xbox 360's success over the PS3, have so far kept me from changing  my primary console.

That and almost all of my old Rock Band DLC making the jump. That is a significant financial investment that I could not walk away from.


Just Cause 3 had a moment that approached greatness last night. I say approached because it took what could have been a very cool playable moment and relegated it to a cut scene. Early game spoilers after the break.

The final story mission of the first island pits Rico against a nuclear missile. How best to stop a missile after it has been launched than to ride it into the ground, Dr. Strangelove style? The player gets to control the action as Rico flies in on his wing suit and grapples in close but as soon as he is standing on the thing all control is removed.

In a game that is supposed to be about crazy things happening on their own all of the control is taken from the player during the most important, coolest thing that has happened so far.


By way of this week's Jimquisition I did learn a little more about earlier version of Just Cause 3 and that we are lucky that the game is even as playable as it is now. According to his 'sources' Just Cause 3 was originally an online only game and that the single player portion were shoe horned in quite late in its development after some suit changed his or her mind.

Points to Avalanche for, at the eleventh hour, remaking the game into something playable. Minus points to Square Enix for not just being greedy dickbags but for being indecisive greedy dickbags. If you are going to be a dickbag go all the way.

I mean, look at Komani. At least they own it.

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  1. That Simpsons reference was so fast I barely got it. Nicely done.