Friday, January 22, 2016

Explosions on a schedule

While I am not going to back off of my previous complaints regarding Just Cause 3 being repetitive I have fallen into an uneasy like with it. I don't love it, I never will, but the game and I have come to an understanding which allows me to enjoy it in spite of Fallout 4 being the next game on the pile. It was easy, I just stopped caring about the challenges once I realized that the mods they unlock are mostly worthless.

I am still attempting them all as they are unlocked, I am just not spending any extra time on them after the first completion. This means that I will have quite a few abilities left locked at the end of the game. Not a big loss, I think I can deal with only being able to hold four grenades instead of eight when ammo is dropped by every enemy and said enemies appear by the dozens. Who knew that evil dictators had foot soldier closets akin to hell's monster closets.

That is a literal comparison. When taking over police stations garage doors will open and corrupt cops will come pouring out. What were they do in there in the first place? Just waiting for a heavily armed resistance fighter to start shooting up the place? If it happens often enough that you are waiting around for it then perhaps it is time to rethink what side you are on.


Fallout 4 is going to be started at an unfortunate time. Street Fighter 5 arrives on February 16th. That's not very far away and at the rate I complete games Just Cause 3 will take until next weekend to wrap up.

This is not a fair choice. I want to put real time into Street Fighter 5 in hopes on not going 0-2 at Combo Breaker in May. USFIV and KI? Sure, I will take my lumps in those with a grin, but just like everyone else I have unreasonable hopes about my skill, at this point imagined skill, in the new game. It really is a new beginning, just like Street Fighter IV in '09, only this time I am less of a coward and want to do well at a major.

The idea of significantly altering how I play games has come up before. Right now I rent everything, play the majority of retail releases, and digital only games are an afterthought. What if I flipped that? What if I canceled my GameFly subscription and bought one new digital game a week? Could I live without playing AAA titles? There are plenty of releases on both systems to keep me occupied, but would I be okay not playing the next Far Cry, Dishonored, Call of Duty, etc?

Gaming as a hobby presents an embarrassment of riches to sift through. The fact that there is not enough time in the day to play everything that is worth playing is a wonderful problem.

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