Friday, January 29, 2016


I just might finally finish Just Cause 3 tonight.

What was that? The Street Fighter V Beta is up again?

God Damnit.


Speaking of Street Fighter V, the games that are going to be featured at EVO this year were announced this week and I, as a viewer, have a problem with a significant omission.

The list:

Street Fighter V
Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
Pokken Tournament
Super Smash Bros Wii-U
Super Smash Bros Melee
Killer Instinct
Mortal Kombat X
Tekken 7 Fater Retribution

Two of these titles, Pokken and Tekken, have not seen a domestic release yet. There may not be even be playable in North America until after the tournament. EVO is supposed to be the 'world championships' of its featured games. Including games that the host country has had little to no exposure to does not make for good viewing. It makes for squash matches and maybe a good top four.

It is good to see both Mortal Kombat X and Killer Instinct make it back to the big stage, especially since the big name Street Fighter crowd did their best to infiltrate the upper echelons and have yet to do so. They may not be as exciting to watch for those unfamiliar with their mechanics but that give someone else a chance to get paid.

...who am I kidding, Sonic Fox will win MKX again. I just hope to see some Season Three KI characters in the mix for top eight, regardless of who is playing them.

Warning, it gets saltier from here on in.

Marvel brings the hype, at least at the end of the tournament. It is also the only game that a number of the North American standards players, both face and heel, are still relevant in. Justin Wong saving Marvel from Morri-Doom two years ago was a story of WWE proportions. I am talking the Attitude Era, not the current PG blandness. Last year EVO saw its first not American Marvel champion when KBR won, tried to take the mic, and was denied his post tournament rant.

The problem is that Marvel is an orphaned game and has been for many years. Capcom can no longer support it as Disney took its Marvel toys, went home, and told everyone one else to fuck right off. Should it be at EVO? Sure, but make it a side tournament so there is space for other games that are not quite as long in the tooth.

On that note, why the hell is there a game being featured at EVO that requires CRT televisions (slight exaggeration)? There are two versions of Smash Bros on the main stage. And just to cut off anyone from the Smash crowd who insists they are different, I don't care. Wii-U is there so Melee should not be. Case in point: Ultra Street Fighter IV is not there and V is.

And I am not at all happy about that, either.

Of course Street Fighter V is going to be the premier game. Street Fighter IV has held the top spot since its release in '09. It is only natural that its sequel gets the spotlight, assuming that we do not have another Street Fighter X Tekken on our hands. The problem is that even the best players are not going to be as familiar with it as they are with IV at the time of tournament and it will be obvious in the quality of the matches.

Street Fighter IV needs one more year as part of the main tournament. The best of the best know it so well that each and every match, probably all the way through the top 32, would be a masterclass in what the players can do in an established game. V will be a mine field of random bull shit and match up unfamiliarity. There is no drama in that, no hype, just the shine of something new that will quickly fade.

Who is EVO trying to appease? If we were allowed to follow the money, which we are not, I am sure it would come down to Capcom trying to force its new game on us along with its potential micro-transactions and Nintendo not caring enough to try to get people to adopt theirs. I just want a good show and the lack of Ultra Street Fighter IV is going to hurt it.

Fine, I'll say it, because both versions of Smash are a crashing bore to spectate.

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