Monday, January 4, 2016

Too much good

It was a bad year for bad games.

If you are not sure how to parse sentence, I cannot blame you. While going over my list of games for 2015 to come up with a bottom three to complain about I, too, came to the realization that 2015 had been a great year.  There are 55 games on my list for 2015 and not a one of them can be described as shit.

There are certainly games that I did not like, hated even, but that does not make them bad games. If this list were about games that made me angry then Galak-Z, Lords of the Fallen and Bloodborne would be right there. But two of those three are excellent games and the third is a reasonable knock off.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD was pretty bad, but mostly because it was a port of a PSP title and was further saddled with being in the same package as the demo for Final Fantasy XV. No one expected anything of it and it delivered on that nothing. I got bored and turned it off. Bad, but not bad enough to hold my attention.

Onechanbara Z2 was trashy and I am glad no one whom I know saw me play it but it was also not a bad game.

So.... No worst of the year bitch list for 2015. Yeah?

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  1. Wait - Onechanbara is not a bad game? Crap. I need to make sure I never try it. I don't want to be a defender of TWO heavily sexualized brawlers. Wait... Dragon's Crown... okay, I don't want to be a defender of three.