Tuesday, February 9, 2016

A series of unfortunate encounters

While exploring bombed out Boston last night I came across a pond with a plastic swan floating in the center. As I approached the 'discovery' notification popped and it was indeed call Swan's Pond. How cute, I thought, as I walked closer.

The swan was attached to the largest super mutant I had ever seen. His name was Swan and it was his pond. He of course attacked on sight, killing me as I back peddled, trying to switch from my handgun to my shotgun. It took a few tries, eventually I started throwing grenades as Swan's swan before he actually emerged, but I got him. His loot drop was shit. Moving on.

Down the block from the pond was a large, overgrown government facility. It was infested with mirelurks. No big deal, they died from two up close and personal shots as long as they were of the garden variety. When a red one with a skull after his name showed up I should have known I was in trouble. Again with the frantic back peddling, but I killed him on the first attempt (barely) and his loot drop was good! An arm piece with an added bonus that I have since forgotten.

Emboldened, I continued to explore the building. One of the rooms opened up into a huge underground cave with a pond of indeterminate depth at the center. I dropped down, thinking that the worst was behind me, only to be ambushed by the mirelurk king. He didn't have the shell of his underlings but he did spit acid. Acid which continues to do damage for quite some time.

I died a melty death and was sent back to the last quick save - at the building's front door.

Again I encountered the extra mean red mirelurk. Pissed about the outcome of our previous battle, he killed me. Sucks to be him, there is no real death penalty, so I marched back from the grave and took my final revenge, killing him and quick saving immediately after. This time his loot drop was shit. Moving on.

The king mirelurk was less daunting the second time when I remembered that circle strafing was a thing. His loot drop was shit. Moving on.

The building, through a series of twists and turns, ended up back in the pond room, this time with an emergency door open on the opposite side. I looked down from my perch and saw one lonely soft shell mirelurk hiding in a corner. No problem.

Remember how I said the pond was of indeterminate depth? It also held the queen mirelurk, fully five times larger than the king. She charged and took me from full health to missing my head, both my arms and all my legs in one hit.

The quick save gods were kind this time and I was able to start over from only one room away. It took several tries and most of my shotgun shells but I killed her. Her loot drop was shit. Moving on.

On the way out I was confronted by a mercenary in a mech suit, wielding a chain gun. Killing him took most of my grenades. You can guess as to the quality of his loot drop.

It was shit.

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