Thursday, February 25, 2016

Always someone better

Why is it that every time I set an evening aside to play Street Fighter (roughly every other one since launch) the only people around for a lobby are significantly better than I am?

Last night started with a first to five that ended up as a 20 to 1. I count about as well as I block Karin's bullshit. Her normals are so good and have incredible range and they all lead into combos. By contrast everything Necalli does is so stubby that I need to be in her face to make contact with anything.

It wasn't just Karin, this guy was really good. His throw mixup game was impeccable. Tic throws with a single jab are difficult to react to as it is but when he started to predict when I would react and either back up half a step so my throw tech would whiff or just block when I got fed up and let loose an EX DP I swore he was able to read my thoughts. Several times in between matches I said to myself  'just slow down and block, let him push himself away' and still, every time I pressed a button he was there with a better one.

One match. I took one match from him. Out of 21.

Later I played someone trying to learn Zangief. It started out in my favor with a 3-0 crushing. Then he switched over to Bison and reminded me that his main was still better than mine. The natural order restored, he went back to the big russian and by the time we were done had figured things out.

Necalli's ground pound is a little tougher on 'gief due to his slow walk speed but the recovery time on it is so long that even he can walk right in after a missed one. And the range on his LP SPD is just silly. It was long before but now it can grab errant limbs that appear to be safe.

Right now everyone is good, characters wise. There are of course meaningless tier lists that put different characters in different places and they will be shuffled many times over as the game ages. SF4 did have tiers but they were compressed enough that many different characters saw competitive play (as long you we forget when AE came out and everyone played Yun). This made the game both more interesting to spectate and play at a casual level. Right now I do see more Ryu than anyone else but in time there will be more variety or I will work my ranking up high enough to avoid the sea of shoto noobs.

Which means I have quite a few match ups to learn. I really need Fallout 4 to be done.

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