Monday, February 22, 2016

It's too big

I really to wrap up Fallout 4.

It has worn out its welcome in multiple ways. Of course it's still good but when faction quests start repeating (and I mean literally repeating, as in the one I just finished was given again) it is difficult to maintain enthusiasm. This leaves me with a lot of walking to get to the next story event, and of course many distractions on the every side of that walk, making even simple trips laborious in nature.

On Saturday I meant to just jump into my mech suit and walk to the glowing sea. Oh, but first there was a Railroad quest to finish up, and then there was the vault that Chance wanted me to see (meh) and then I had to run back to my home base and drop off all the junk. When I finally started walking to the south I of course came across a half dozen buildings and a settlement that actually had a quest attached to it from forty real life hours ago.

It feels like I am slowly drowning in alcohol. It's fun for a while, 'cause booze, but I am still going to die.

How much of this is just bad timing on my part and how much is the game not being quite as good as it thinks it is? Towns are boring and lifeless. I use quick travel whenever possible even though it means potentially missing locations. My perks build, if you can call it that, revolves around doing as much damage with handguns and rifles as possible. No stealth, no energy weapons, just me and my sniper rifle that sounds like thunder. And when raiders are too close for that I have a humorously over powered handgun.

I did manage to get 11 charisma by finding a charisma bobble head after maxing out the stat. My smile is fucking blinding.

It's too much. It's too big and I have too much else to play. Far too much time has been invested to just walk away from the game but I guarantee that the second half or last third or however much else I have left will be played in a much more haphazard manner. My vault dweller has seen what the wasteland has to offer and is thoroughly unimpressed, to the point where everyone and everything is just target practice.

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  1. It begins. Soon you will have less and less positive things to say about Fallout 4 until you will look in a mirror and see my face!