Friday, February 19, 2016

Love hate

This is a real thing.

Think about that for a second. COMBAT JUGGLING. I would add 'motherfucking' for emphasis but it doesn't really need it. Two men approach each other while juggling and try to knock away one of their opponents pins while still juggling. A point is awarded when one player drops a pin and the other continues to juggle.

What does this have to do with Street Fighter? Nothing, aside for the fact that there are tremendously talented people out there and I am not one of them.


The Fang experiment has yet to get off of the ground. In concept, I like his idea. In a game full of fast moving nonsense and big heavy hitters he is content to poison you and watch you die from across the room. In practice, well, I don't know how to make it work yet. It is difficult to keep people away without an invincible reversal, something that most other characters have. Fang does have his EX slide which allows him to pass through the opponent and wind up on the opposite side. I am not quite sure what to do after that, though. His plan has me a bit stumped so he is relegated to the practice room and perhaps lobbies (when they work).

Instead of diversifying I have played no one but Necalli. He is a bit straightforward, meaning that everyone knows what I am trying to do: I want you to screw up so I can land a jump in HP, crouching HP, HK stomp, EX stomp for silly damage. But that rarely happens. Most matches are spent jockeying for position, play footsies and trying to remember that throwing out sweeps is no longer safe. Matches can go from 'everything is under control' to 'I am right fucked' in an instant.

Taking the limited number of hours I have spent on the game into account (limited because Fallout 4 is not going to finish itself) I have hated the game for roughly the same amount of time as I have loved it. For every round that I have bullied opponents into the corner my abusing Necalli's admittedly mediocre command overhead there is at least one round where I push all of the buttons at the wrong time and get crush countered into oblivion.

And those rounds are rage inducing but it is not always apparent what was done differently. One round attacks come out, the next they get stuffed.

I am not going to lie, there has been some salt. So much so that taking the occasional break to play Fallout 4 has been a very good thing.

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