Monday, February 8, 2016

One lottery ticket please

How much sleep is actually required to continue to function?

In my younger days that answer was five hours. Like most college students I rarely went to bed in the same day I awoke and still managed to get to class on time. Most of the time.

Most of the time some of the time.

Now if I clock in at less than seven I am worthless the next day. It is enough to make me seriously look into energy drinks in an effort to get more done in an evening. I must work, I must eat, I must take care of other responsibilities that do not make an appearance in this space, and then whatever time is left is split between sleeping, which is not fun, and trying to clean up the backlog, which is fun most of the time.

The real problem pops up when I want to inject a little drinking into that shared time. Once the drinking is done the sleep takes over, regardless of what I am playing.

...why yes, I am a little intimidated by the length of Fallout 4. It's not that I have a problem with big games. Witcher 3 was massive, as was Skyrim, and I made it through those. They both took about a month of constant play and it is becoming more difficult to give up that much time to one game. Little games, games that can be knocked out in a day or two, just keep coming and they keep getting better. Utter devotion to the AAA titles is robbing me of smaller experiences.

I caught a glimpse of Lego Avengers yesterday, a little game that is sitting in queue next to my couch, directly under the Resident Evil 0 remake, and was honestly sad that I will not get to it for at least a month. Perhaps more if Street Fighter V grabs me that way that I am afraid it will.

(Side note, F.A.N.G is a charge character and apparently no fun to fight against. Possible new main detected.)

This is a ridiculous hobby. Why do I do it when most adults of my years have deserted it for fantasy football, tinkering with their cars and slowly adding to their waistline.

I'll tell you why: because fantasy football is bull shit, tinkering with my car is for the professionals whom I will gladly pay and slowly getting fatter makes it difficult to climb walls and look good doing it. I hate this hobby. I love this hobby.

It can be no other way.

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