Thursday, February 4, 2016

Some things should not change

Fallout 4 is definitely more Fallout. That does not mean that there are not problems, and not the usual Bethesda problems, which are still there but just to a much smaller degree. I am talking about 'this is not good, why did they do this' problems.

For starters, Ron Perlman does not say 'War. War never changes.' He has a small part as the anchorman who announces that the world is coming to an end, which means that they had him in the studio, so why would they do this?! He was right there, ready to go, and someone said 'You know, let's shake up several games worth of tradition and have someone else deliver the trademark line.' Well fuck you, whoever you are.

Secondly, the town building homage to Dark Cloud 2 is of absolutely no interest to me. I plan on doing as little of it as possible. Spending hours that I could be wandering the wastelands, murdering raiders, playing post-apocalyptic Legos, most of which is spent scrounging for materials, is not my idea of a good time. Good lord, I hope that keeping all the village idiots happy is not a requirement. I may start shooting them, assuming that I am allowed to.

Speaking of shooting things, the game feels much more difficult from the get go than I remember the previous ones being. The jump from one or two passive feral ghouls to a dozen pissed off, hungry ones came long before I had upgraded my weapons beyond 'pea shooter' and 'blunt melee instrument.' I would have liked to upgrade them but the two most precious things after the fall of society are screws and adhesive. They must be because I could not find enough of either to improve my weapons.

Speaking of picking up random odds and ends to improve my survival chances, why aren't all the armor, weapon and chemical workstations connected to one central inventory repository? I know that it is impossible, metaphysically speaking, but that kind of fantasy concession, the infinitely large closet that can be accessed from anywhere, can make otherwise boring mechanics like crafting more palatable. Without that I am fast traveling back to my home base after each encounter to make incremental improvements to my items instead of using the same menu from the same workstation in the military base I just cleaned out.

There is a reason that everyone who plays D&D wants a portable hole. Dealing with encumbrance sucks.

This is after only nine hours of play. If Just Cause 3 taught me anything it is that games can sometimes fix their own problems, given time. And time it will get. It is a Fallout game, after all.

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