Thursday, February 11, 2016

Street Fighter V is coming in HOT

Things that Street Fighter V is launching without:

  • In game store
  • Tutorials
  • Trials
  • Daily challenges
  • Eight player lobbies
  • Spectator mode
  • Story mode

All we will get is Arcade mode, 2 player lobbies, ranked mode and a practice room. For $60. Capcom promises that most of this will be added in the March update for free but the for free part is why they felt no urgency to get them out on the first place. This is very similar to the launch of Killer Instinct, only KI was $20, not $60.

Complaints do not end there. Playing through the arcade mode unlocks the ability to purchase one new costume per character. It doesn't give you the costume, it just unlocks it in the store, the store that will not actually work until March. Finishing arcade mode with all of the characters will generate enough in game funds to purchase Alex, the first DLC character, assuming that you don't want any of the costumes that you earned the right to buy.

No eight player lobbies at launch is a bug problem. At the outset of Street Fighter 4 Vanilla I learned just as much by watching others play as I did actually playing.

Free and Capcom was too good to be true.

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  1. (Glances sideways at SFV preorder.) I have no stake in you.