Tuesday, February 23, 2016

That light bulb moment

I had planned to play a quest or two in Fallout 4 before spending the rest of the evening with Street Fighter. A quest or two turned into about an hour and a half of work as Capcom couldn't get the servers back up within their own maintenance window. I will admit that the glowing sea was an interesting change of pace from the rest of bombed out Boston and I do have many questions for the group of people living in the bottom of an atomic crater. Had any of this happened twenty hours ago I may have spent more time investigating. Instead it was a point of interest in my match towards the end.

The servers did come back up around 9:00 my time and were behaving much better. After a few annoying ranked matches I put out the call for fights. The gauntlet was taken up by someone new to the PA scene, a Fang player who was my equal, skill wise. This led to over an hour of tense battles, almost all of which going down to the last match, last round, last sliver of health. I learned many things.

For starters, I need to block more and panic less. Fang has fast, two hit normals that lead into one another as, if not block strings, then definite frame traps. Trying to interrupt them, even with an EX-DP, just didn't work. Instead I had to wait then, allow Fang to push himself further away on each block, to the point where I could back dash away and reset the situation.

Second, I let people get away from far too many jump in attacks. Necalli has a DP, a good one, and I need to use it. I was getting hit with the jump ins or even the cross ups but by blocking them instead of anti-airing them I was letting Fang up close.

Third, super saiyan Necalli is the truth and should be used whenever possible. Necalli's V-trigger speeds up his movement and adds hits to most of his specials. It is fast enough that I was able to dash forward twice into a command throw before Fang could react. Not a ton of damage but enough to make Fang think a little harder about what I am doing.

It was a good set, even on matches, if I remember correctly. Of course Fang bodied me in the last set and then logged off. I will have my revenge,

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