Friday, February 5, 2016

The sweet spot

I was exploring a city last night, an area that I assumed that I was appropriately leveled and equipped for, when I stumbled across an unfortunately large nest of super mutants. At first there was one, a named mutant with a skull after his name. Upon seeing this I ran but it was too late. He and about a dozen of his buddies gave chase.

The ruined city provided a series of choke points that I used to group them together close enough to kill with grenades. It was a strategic retreat that worked just as I had planned, up to and including the death of the leader who chased me in the first place. After the dust settled and I had looted their corpses I checked the map to figure out where I was. The building that housed the super mutant nest was marked and 'Cleared' so I went back to finishing scrounging for adhesives and screws.

They didn't all leave. In fact there were more mutants inside alive than I had left dead outside. I survived. Barely.

This is an example of Fallout 4 working just right. It was a totally unexpected battle that took advantage that was just on the 'oh shit' side if difficulty. I still do not understand how a nest of super mutants could have been hiding right under the nose of the Brotherhood of Steel but I will chalk that up to two of three of the brotherhood representatives being pansies.

The leader offered to allow me to join the Brotherhood. He even tried to throw in some power armor. No thanks, I said, I already have two.

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