Wednesday, February 17, 2016

When it works...

I was actually awake on Monday night when Street Fighter V unlocked. Match making didn't work but that is not a surprise. I spent me remaining waking moments in the practice room with Fang. Fang reminds more than a little of May from Guilty Gear Xrd, only he throws poison instead of dolphins, is a charge character and there are no air dashes. I went to bed with a firm backup to Necalli, once I figure out the intricacies of Fang's potential bullshit.

On Tuesday night match making was still not working. A little more distressing than on day one but it gave me time to finish all of the 'story' modes and do a little work unlocking colors. Story mode generates plenty of fight money, more than enough to cover the first DLC character, but colors and sequestered away behind some truly ridiculous grind requirements. Color 3 is unlocked by completing the Easy survival tower. Ten matches, not bad. Colors 4 through 6 are unlocked by the next survival tower, 30 matches. The final one are behind another 50 matches.

Finishing the most difficult survival tower (to use the MK term) does not unlock colors reserved for easier towers. And colors are costume specific.

Capcom please.

I attempted to complete Normal survival but was kicked off of the server at around the 15 win mark. That was no fun so it was time to go back to Fallout.

An hour later I checked and I could actually play the game online again. It was a rocky start but it can only get better from here.


My entire purpose for logging in on Monday night was to get my name. Cross platform play necessitates the creation of a new user name specific to the Capcom Fighting Network. By the time I got the game loaded and made it to the final step it was 11:02...

...and some bastard had my name. This has never happened before. I am going to find him, stalk him through ranked and throw poison at him with Fang until he quits the game forever.

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