Monday, March 21, 2016

Forgot to quick rise

Between recording, editing, and other non-couch related activities I was not able to play much over the weekend, nor was I able to watch much of Final Round. This is a shame because there was a Necalli player who made is quite high in the top 8 and I would like to have seen more of his matches. You know, for educational purposed.

Not that I was going to steal any of his tech. Nope, I would never do anything like that.

Here's the rub: from what I saw, there was no tech to steal. There was no hidden ability of combos that he used that I did not know existed. He (Haitani, I believe) just made the right decision almost every time and therefore won. He chose the right anti-air option or used the right punish combo and he did this at every exchange.

No magic bullet. He just got good. Well, he was already good, he just applied what he knew to the new game. Is it wrong to be simultaneously elated and depressed that a guy who damn near won a major was using the same methods as every other Necalli player, he was just doing them at the right time?

It spite of sour grapes, it does speak well to the game. Winning really is more about the player, not the character, and there is still a lot for the players to learn about the game. Character variety in the top 8 was excellent, either 7 or 8 different ones, and no Chun Li, the early pick for top tier, proving that no one knows what they are talking about yet.

...and there were only two Americans in top 8, also proving that we have a long, long way to go. One of those was Sonic Fox, an MK player, who demonstrated that good fundamentals will get you a long way, then blew all of his resources immediately because that is how you play MK, and didn't take a match.

There is studying to be done, match videos to scrutinize, and better excuses to be made.

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