Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Free damage

Killer Instinct Season 3 hit last night, right in the middle of the Street Fighter 'updates,' so it was time to dust of the giant tomahawks and see if I remembered how to KI.

For about an hour I did not. Then it all came back and I found new mixup created by the new flip out mechanic that is absolutely filthy. Rage quit inducing dirty, nasty, I should embarrassed for using it but I am not, in fact I am going to abuse the shit out of it until people figure it out, mixup. But first, all is not well.

The lighting has been redone on most stages and it is just too dark. It may be an issue with my specific television, who knows, but I never had that problem before. The also goes a bit overboard with the particle effects, especially on Tusk's moves, but that is more of me wanting to be able to see what is going on and no longer being impressed when two fireballs hit one another and coat everything in a layer of glowing sand.

Then there are the game changes, all of which were announced months ago, so there is no excuse for being as salty as I am. I knew they were coming, I just had not thought them through. First is the change to breaker recovery. In seasons one and two the victim of a combo breaker landed relatively close to the opponent giving the player who just broke the combo some quick pressure. No longer - the break-ee is now pushed quite a ways away and lands on his or her feet, returning both character to neutral. This is a problem for character with slow walk speeds - like Thunder and Tusk.

Many moves were 'normalized,' damage wise. One of the victims was Thunder's shadow command throw. I will admit that it did too much damage but that does not mean that I am going to be happy about it.


For everything that was taken away from a character something else was given. The developers acknowledged that some of the engine changes were not good for my character and promised that a third change, the flip out, was very beneficial. They were not lying. Flip out moves change a character from a juggle state back to a standing state. This means that if I tag a character out of the air with a standing light kick he or she 'flips out' of the fall and lands standing up instead of on the ground.

Landing standing up means that I can hit you with another mixup. Most people do not know the mechanic works yet so the mixup defaults to another command throw. It goes combo into shadow damage ender (command throw), enemy bounces, I hit him with light kick, he lands on his feet and, if nothing else happens, they go back into the command throw blender.

It is not difficult to beat. Holding up after the flip out beats the command throw as will mashing jab, but again, no one knows this yet, so I get the best kind of damage: free. Once people get used to it the true mix up begins. If the jump out and I do nothing I can anti-air them. If they mash standing jab I can sneak in underneath with an ankle slicer. Fun times will be had by all.

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