Tuesday, March 15, 2016


There is no reason to play Earth Defense Force 4.1. It is a re-release (which I just found out yesterday) of the last EDF game. A game that I already played and I, as a rule, do not replay games. Even if I hadn't already played it, the game itself is, to be generous, not that great. You shoot giant bugs, followed by aliens, in what amounts to a B or C movie style send up of the genre.

And yet, what did I do for three hours last night? I killed giant bugs. And what am I going to do again tonight? Kill giant bugs.

Everyone has their weakness and this is mine. It is a pet series, the kind of pet you don't tell anyone about, like that smelly stray cat you fed behind your parent's garage. Sure, petting the thing gave you a rash but you just kept at it because, well, someone had to.

I feel like I should apologize to other games that I could be playing for spending my time on an EDF re-release. There are so many other titles clamoring for my attention. Maybe that's the problem, I am paralyzed by choice so I have retreated to something child like and simple: killing giant bugs.

Those oversized ants and jumping spiders aren't going to fire rockets at themselves. Someone has to do it. Unlike that cat, this won't require rabies shots when I am done.

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