Tuesday, March 8, 2016

I dub thee unplayable

Resident Evil 0 (remake) is a cyclopean window into the total bullshit that we, as people who play videogames, used to put up with. It has received a significant visual makeover, bringing it in line with the first REmake, so it is no longer offensive to look at. But my god is it impossible to actually play.

First, yes, there is just a little bit of charm in returning to pre-rendered backgrounds that have been redrawn and updated to take advantage of more current technology. They are no longer static, instead filled with small details like glasses jostling back and forth on a moving train or candles burning in darkened rooms. Generally things look better in game than they do in the cut scenes, which have not gotten the same attention.

And then you have to play the game.

Tiny inventories are bullshit, even when you have two characters to spread items across. It is possible to just drop things on the floor and they usually stay there but this necessitates running back forth, swapping ammunition for keys, and is just not a good time, especially when (at least in the train) zombies respawned.

Respawning enemies when ammo is incredibly limited is also bullshit.

Think way back now and while doing so remove the zombie colored glasses. Was the combat in Resident Evil 1 any good? No. No it was not but at the time we did not know any better. Killing zombies was not even passable until the fourth game. 0 came out between 3 and 4 and is much more like the early games than the later. In other words, fighting enemies is a chore. And there are more than the usual amount of enemies because you are controlling two characters, one of which the AI takes care of.

Remember how well that worked in 5? Take seven years of technology away from that and you can imagine how 0 feels.

Bad AI is bullshit.

I am not going to play this game any more. It is not worth the trouble to fill in that little gap in my gaming knowledge. Nostalgia be damned, the game is just not playable any more.

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