Wednesday, March 16, 2016

If you ignore it, it will go away

Playstation VR is a thing. A physical thing with a misleading price tag and a date. It will come out, enthusiasts will take it home and then run back to the store to pick up a Playstation Eye, because really, who has one of those, and then it will fade away in about a year, just like Playstation Move, motion controls and Sony's support for 3D TVs.

I have foreseen it.

Why? Precedent.

Sega CD, Sega 32X, Kinect, light guns, the RAM upgrade for the N64, the PS2 modem, the PS2 hard drive, and probably a dozen other console add ons that I have forgotten. All tried and all either outright failed or received such minimal support that owning them was not worth it.

They split the market so 3rd party developers made games for the larger chunk of consumers, that chunk always being those without the add on. That leaves the software burden on the first party, and what did Sony have it its sizzle reel? A party game, a first person racing game and several shooters.

Truly, the future is here. Same old shit only now it makes the player nauseous. I could do the same thing by sitting too close to my TV and spending that $399 on some very nice beer.

If Sony were truly serious about this then the PSVR would be a stand alone system, not an accessory that costs more than the device to which it connects. This really feels like them filling a check box. 'See, we have VR! Just like the PC and before Microsoft!'

Have fun checking that very expensive box.

And just so I am not accused of taking sides, Microsoft's augmented reality doohickey looks worse.


  1. Everything is terrible. Just terrible.

  2. oh yeah, I had that modem! Could never get it to work. $50. Gone!