Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Just to be clear

I do not have a tramp stamp that says 'get bent.'

Nor do I have one that says 'Don't tread on me,' 'Keep Calm and Carry On' or 'Kilroy was Here.'

There is more than a little ink that has been embedded into my skin but it is all tasteful, wordless, and entirely on my left arm or the upper right quadrant of my back. Until I get the jabberwock on my right side, an idea that is both so good and so potentially painful that it has supplanted all other ideas and may never actually get done.

With that out of the way.

Lord help me, I am still playing Earth Defense Force 4.1. I find it amazing how much I have forgotten about the game in the two years since I last played it. There are vague memories of bull shit levels that I keep promising myself will cause me to walk away once that are encountered. I had forgotten that in the last third of the game the insects morph into dive bombing dragons, that there is a four legged walker that dwarfs an AT-AT, and that the story is surprisingly dark.

Events from around the world are relayed via radio messages and the news is never good. Australia is gone, swallowed by the giant earth eater ships. Most cities have been decimated, first by the resurgence of giant ants, spiders and wasps and then by bipedal 'hectors,' flying ships that appear by the hundreds and giant capital ships that warp in and drop more enemies without warning.

This is a hector:

They come in several varieties, some with long range cannons and others with short range miniguns and shields. At least they are big targets that blow up real nice. Of course that is most things in this game.

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