Thursday, March 31, 2016

Sometimes I miss things

Remember when everything on Xbox Live Arcade had a demo? Those were good times. I played games outside of my genres of choice and made fun of them. I understand that demos do not in any way generate sales so there is no reason for companies to provide them but I do miss this feature. If nothing else, it provided snark fodder and everyone once in awhile uncovered something that I would have missed.

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams was on such hidden gem. It is just a platformer, and by just I mean it is just about as good as the new Rayman games. It does not have the same character, opting one pretty princess sister and one girmdark puck sister who inhabit the same body, but it offers the same tight controls and reasonable challenge. Sometimes you just want to play a Mario game without having to own one of their silly consoles.

I never did buy Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams as I was working my way through Far Cry 3 at the time. It was forgotten until a physical release popped up during my daily investigation of GameFly's release dates. Yes, I do this daily. I have a problem.

It does not disappoint. I could have probably finished it in one sitting but there was Street Fighter to be played and I am in no rush. It is just a platformer. And that means something, something very comforting and almost serene in spite of its difficulty spikes and slightly annoying music. All games used to be like this, on a 2D plane at a significantly lower resolution. We have come so far and still return to shined up versions of our childhood memories.

Suddenly I want a bowl of Trix.

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