Wednesday, April 13, 2016


I should feel bad about such a terrible pun being featured as the post title. But I don't.


Nights of Azure spends a lot of time building up the relationship between Arnice and Lilysse. It comes off as a bit heavy handed on a few occasions, but this is about as close as a videogames gets to using romance as a non-exploitive plot device. To be plain, I but it. I buy that Arnice will sacrifice everything to protect Lilysse and that Lilysse really doesn't care that Arnice is an immortal half demon and that their initial meeting was orchestrated by a shadowy organization that may or may not be both the good guys and the bad guy.

It's complicated and I am not quite sure I understand. A real ending would have helped. Instead I got a truncated, that was pretty good but play it again with feeling, ending. The game assumes that the player will be willing to run through it a second time (just like Nier) to get the whole story. Nights of Azure is not a long game but there is no way I am slogging through it a second time.

Thankfully it's not quite that bad. After scratching my head through the credits I loaded up the new game plus save just to see what would happen. It was not at the beginning, instead it placed me at the last save before the final boss and let me jump back to the hotel where I was warned that there are new quests and that the level cap (that I did not hit anyway) had been raised. That's good!

The new quests so far have been terrible boring retreads through old areas. That's bad.

But it said that there were two new bosses! That's good.

One of them may be on the bottom of a grind heavy dungeon.

That's potassium benzoate.
It gets part of one more night before being sent on its merry, if oddly proportioned, way. I have other things to play - Stories and maybe, just maybe, a little more Salt and Sanctuary. Which I may stream.

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  1. Stories has been getting some very mixed reviews, but some of them are really up there! I'll be curious to hear about it.