Friday, April 29, 2016

I do miss the sunglasses taunt

Played some Guile last night after PSN decided to give up the patch to my PS4. Apparently playing Alienation sucks up all the bandwidth. I had to shut that down and play *shudder* BroForce instead. Guile arrived, shades and all, and I can safely say that he can be played just as he was in SFIV. IT felt good to have a home position for my hands again, plus the less stringent execution requirements allowed, me, to pull off sonic boom X CA and flash kick X CA. Nothing to see here, Guile is still Guile...

Wait, Desk already put out a combo video? Let's take a look:

Sweet Jesus.

In all fairness, Desk is not human. He has extra fingers or can see between the muons of space and time. But he is also not the only person who has done this, in fact Dieminion has a better combo, one that dizzies, albeit off of a full bar and V-Skill cancel, and has done it in a real match.

Maybe I need to play a little more Guile. It's not like I never played him in IV. I had him in my pocket to deal with the Honda/Blanka matchup, one of the most boring match ups ever, but my Guile was never any good. Last night I was able to pull off a nifty crush counter combo after only having seen it done. Maybe this is who I play until Urien comes out.

Relax, Necalli, I am not done with your smoldering generic rage yet. Wow, he really is sensitive, isn't he?

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