Thursday, April 21, 2016


Okay, I'm hooked. Republique has not made a believer out of me, the game is still not actually very good, but I want to see how the story ends. I want to see where this underground society is, what 'The Arrival' entails and why Hope lost her memory as soon as she reached the surface.

Oh, spoiler there, not that anyone else will ever play this game.

I am afraid that as the final two chapters ramp up the difficulty the underlying problem of camera management is going to just get worse. Avoiding one guard that you can't see is bad enough. In chapter three there were often two or three of them, some wearing armor that protects them from tasers. Getting past them was part trial and error and part dumb luck. Doing so unlocked the next little nugget of story or character development and that is why I keep coming back.

So far we have the head of security who is completely loyal to 'the overseer' but is concealing a heart condition, the pre-cal administrator who has a manufactured french accent in spite of hailing from South Carolina, the head of the state newspaper who, with Hope's reluctant assistance, ruins people by digitally snooping around their homes and piecing together incriminating quotes all while being far too drunk on wine to stand, and the one guard who has been trying to help Hope that she manages to get arrested just as she is making her escape.

Lord help me, it's interesting and I want to see more.

Digitally breaking into a house and picking through the garbage was creepy, especially since the point of entry to one of them was a rectangular camera sitting below a television that looked suspiciously like a Kinect sensor. From there I bounced to a nanny cam in a teddy bear's stomach and found evidence that a guiard's wife was trading 'favors' for rent money while he was away.

This is one of the same guards that Hope helps get arrested just to clear the way to an elevator. There are no good guys here, just terrible people willing to do what they deem necessary to get a job done. And everyone, everyone, is lying all the time.

If only the game didn't play like shit, I could actually recommend it.

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