Friday, April 22, 2016

Mistakes have been made

Remember how I said the only thing that kept Republique playable was constantly checking the map? That the camera was one of the worst examples of a third person camera ever? Guess what the game decided to take away in chapter 4? It also puts you in a fucking hedge maze, in the rain, while a giant killer guard with a split personality named Mammoth hunts you down.

And when he find you? He kills you. Straight up murders you in two surprisingly disturbing animations. Without the map I was getting lost in buildings with one exit, much less trying to find four random valves to turn in an unmarked maze while dodging death by giant bludgeoning.

This drove home that Republique is not a good game. It is a bad game with some interesting story beats but a game should never have parts that need to be endured. Almost no game is pure gold from start to finish but when you spend more time biting your lip out of frustration than enjoying what little quality there is, well, then the game is shit.

I think back to the game's genesis, on a 'platform' with no controller, and wonder if all of these problems started with those unreasonable restrictions. As Chance mentioned a few podcasts ago, decisions made to cater to a platform's limitations do not produce quality experiences. Makes a good game first, make sure you have something interesting to say, then go about making it work on whatever glorified toaster you think will allow it to sell the most copies.

Republique had interesting things to say in the first three chapters. Chapter four smacks of 'oh shit, it has been fourteen months since we put anything out and the kickstarters are getting antsy. Fuck it, ship what we have!'

We can tell. We can always tell.


Street Fighter? Why yes, I am still playing it. I made it to silver rank earlier this week. Then lost it. Then attained it again. Repeat that process over and over, sometimes several times a night, and you have an idea of how it has been going. Being stuck right around 2000 LP is heart breaking. Every loss could push me below a meaningless threshold and I am furious every time it happens.

I hope Guile comes out soon. It will be nice to have a honest charge character (Bison doesn't count) to play with, at least until Urien makes it out later this year.

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