Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Not as subtle as it thinks

I meant to plug this week's blog but it looks like Shoutengine is actually down at the moment.


I was right to be dubious about Republique. It's very premise, that of the player controlling both a hacker using the camera to see and a woman trying to escape from a nameless, dystopian underground stronghold, is tremendously flawed. The camera placements are never in the right place to see what the woman is doing so you either need to be constantly switching between cameras, which leads to unexplainable load times in the middle of the level, or just keep moving the woman until you can see her anymore and the camera automatically switches.

By then you have been snapped up by a guard and sent back to your cell. And when you do get the camera placement right it will oftentimes switch on its own anyway. The disorientation is quite frustrating, as is the map being placed two levels deep in menus instead of displayed on the screen. It just doesn't play well.

But there is something there. It's V for Vendetta, but V is the voyeuristic guide and Hope, the other player character, is Evie, just without the torture induced strong will. At least, she doesn't have that yet. I have only finished two of the five chapters so a lot more unpleasantness could go down.

Cursory research reveals that this was kickstarted as an iOS game (this explains why it plays like shit and not so subtle arrogance) and that it took from December 2013 to March 2016 for all five episodes to come out. There had better be some goddamn gold in that final chapter.

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