Thursday, April 7, 2016

Quitting is good

My newly found ability to stop playing games that I find zero enjoyment in has come in handy. I play most every racing game that comes out but I do prefer them to be on the arcade side of the arcade/sim divide. Forza Horizon 2 is more my speed than Forza 6 which is much more my thing than, say, Gran Turismo. Sacrificing some realism for fun is just fine. Most rally games are much closer to a arcade game than a sim and I am guessing that is due to how insanely difficult it is to control monstrous cars on uneven roads with no clearance on either side.

Just be perfect and do it fast, that's all.

Sebastian Loeb Rally Evo is a serious racing game. It has all the mechanical bells and whistles of other sim racers that I never touch because I have neither the knowledge nor the patience to do so. They appear to be optional but my best times being well under those of the lead car (even on easy) say otherwise.

It tries to be serious about how the car controls as well, and does a good enough job that I start to panic when I get going too fast and the road gets uneven. There is a rewind function but it is a little more limited than in other games. After any crash you can rewind a few seconds to try and not die by hitting the breaks earlier. That one rewind is all you get for that corner as the rewind option is then locked out for several seconds. Instead of one try at a tough corner you get two which is honestly not enough.

Everything that should go into a rally game, varied courses, lots of cars, customization that I will never touch, is all included, but the game was no fun. I need to be in the right frame of mind to grapple with a sim racer and Sebastian Loeb Rally Evo arrived at the wrong time to garner that kind of attention.

So I turned it off, uninstalled it and sent it away. It was cathartic.

Instead I played Killer Instinct and found that everyone's ranks had been reset. I had just gotten high enough in gold to make most of my fight two out of three and now I am back in silver after re-qualifying, struggling to make it out. I suppose it makes sense, new season and new crop of players on the PC version, but I was still annoyed.


Nights of Azure... Where do I begin. Action RPG with a dash of Persona, specifically the velvet room and demon summons, and layers upon layers of complexity. I was looking forward to spending a second day with it but I am not sure if I actually like it yet. For one thing, the character models of the protagonist and her love interest are cringe worthy, especially in the upper deck and how they don't obey gravity. Here:

Ugh. UGH.

I am not what anyone would describe as a prude (incognito browsing is a wonderful thing) but oversized front court plus childlike face equals me being totally skeeved out.


  1. "I can't BELIEVE you spent mom's inheritance on imp-"

    "Why do you have to nit-pick everything I do?!"

  2. I was pretty surprised to see such blatant objectification from Gust. Their games have always been much more for the female gaze than any other I could name outside of Otome titles (the Atelier series features female heroes, lots of female friends and a few cute boys to become good friends with.) Azure is their first crack at an action-RPG, and it's actually gotten some pretty solid reviews.

    I'll be pretty curious to hear your impressions this weekend!