Monday, May 2, 2016

Not a wuss, just picky

There was a wicked difficulty spike in Alienation between missions nine and ten. The game did warn me about this, tactily suggesting that I go back through previous missions because even already completed areas had been filled with bigger and badder (and more numerous) enemies. Grinding via repetition is nothing something that I do, especially in already completed areas, so I ignored the game's warning and pushed on ahead.

The price for this hubris was an hour of grinding in the next level, being killed over and over while trying to navigate a several block long gauntlet of death while being harassed by surprisingly accurate mortar fire. But Chamberlain, you say, I thought you hated difficult games? No, I hate draconian and unnecessary death penalties. There was no penalty for dying over and over in level ten of Alienation. In fact, each death netted me experience and items that I put towards actually finishing the level. There is a difference between what this game does and what that other game that shall remain nameless inflicts.

Alienation kills you, laughs at you, then offers you a hand up in the form of retained experience and equipment. No making a desperate run back to your corpse, hoping you don't die again on the way lest you lose everything, just a condescending hair tussle and pat on the ass before being tossed back into the fray. Souls games kill you, mock your ineptitude, and if you do perform their silly dance of soul retrieval the condescending tussle is replaced with a big FUCK YOU GIT GOOD.

One of these if quite enjoyable for me. The other prevents me from seeing anything in a game that would do well to include an easy mode.


Remember when I said that Desk wasn't human? Behold, proof:

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