Monday, May 16, 2016

Perfect, and not

A wild blog entry appears!

Without going into the boring, overtly personal details, my attention last week was monopolized by a rather unpleasant event (though not  nearly as bad as some, you know who you are). It is my function in most of my adult relationships to be the one that either does not react or at most reacts in a very subdued manner. I am the shoulder that others cry on and therefore show little emotion, negative or otherwise.

And that shit gets tiring.

My loss is very small compared to that of others so I will make no complaints in the real world. Here, as that guy, I will admit that it would be nice to be allowed to be sad once in a while.


Since I am already in a bit of a mood it is time to unfairly nitpick an excellent game. Far Cry Primal, my most cynical sights are set on you.

Primal is a big game, real estate wise, and just like the previous games all that land is filled with little things to do, most of which net either experience or ability points to spend on skills. When played slowly, cleaning out areas as they come, it is possible to unlock all of the abilities long before the game is complete. These removes the reward for exploration. All of the tantalizing question marks are still present on the map but there is no longer an incentive to visit them all.

This is just like Far Crys 3 and 4. Hell, it is the same fore most Ubisoft open world games: they do not have the content to back up all the side quests packed into said open worlds. Unless you care about achievement points or have a subtle, nagging need to clear the map there is no reason to find them all.

I fall under both of those categories so I am right fucked.

Second, and more damning because it a problem unique to Primal, is there is no antagonist. Vash and Pagan Min are difficult to follow and Primal doesn't even try. The leader of the cannibals shows up once at the beginning and the leader of the people of the sun does the same. I supposed it could be this way to drive home that the environment is the real enemy. Every encounter with a saber tooth tiger ending in death certainly points to this. Still, it would be a nice to have a face to put in the end game.

Now if you'll excuse me I need to go finish the excellent game I have just been bitching about.

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